Hear your music, your band mates and audience mixed your way

with the Complete 3DME In-Ear Monitor System

Hear your music, the audience and the room as never before

Thanks to miniature microphones embedded in each earpiece, you enjoy 3D ambient audio. This ability to be able to mix in the audio around you with the mix changes everything.

Precisely customize your mix on your phone

The only tunable in-ear monitor system. You can fine-tune every detail to your preference.

Protect your hearing, while perfecting what you hear

Having a great in-ear mix is important today, but protecting your hearing for the long-run is even more important. 3DME technology was developed and patented by Dr. Michael Santucci of Sensaphonics, the audiologist of choice for some of the world's top artists and performers. He designed your hearing health right into the product.

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Hear Outside Your Head

"Awesome sound. These are a GAME CHANGER let me tell you. Totally upped the quality of sound on stage. I can hear myself and my band mates crisp and clean. Not to mention, the awesome customer service."

Zanya W.

"3DME for performance DJs! I’m able to keep them in throughout the entire set, and totally control the mix between my Cue, Monitor, Program, and (for the first time) the Room sound."


"I am a singer-songwriter who plays the cello while singing solo or with a band. What’s so cool about the 3DME’s is that they have these built in mic’s that I can customize with their app to set up any room I am playing in, and keep the connection to the other musicians. "

Sarah C.