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Three dimensional music enhancement


3D active-ambient IEM's. For everyone.

The best sound person: you

The 3DME uses dual drivers to capture natural stage or room sound.

Hear everything

The 3DME lets you accurately and precisely tune the monitor audio, ambient, and equalization levels in each ear.

Stage ready sound

Create the sound you want to hear live, streaming, practicing, composing or in studio

Professional quality

The same high- end, IEM technology by Sensaphonics used by the world’s leading performers for over a decade

Transform Your Home Entertainment

Home entertainment has never been as important as it is today. You'll hear it all with audiophile quality and fidelity.

App Controlled Experience

Tune your performance, recording or streaming experience with the free ASI Audio app to set Mic levels, EQ and Limiting.

The only tunable in-ear monitor system.

Spectacular sound you control in live, studio or streaming performances with the ASI Audio app and miniature microphones embedded in each earpiece. Hear your music, the audience and the room as never before.

True 3D ambient audio: in
Your passion for performance: on

The ASI Audio 3DME IEM is embedded with binaural 3D mics to bring the full range of room ambience to your ears as a discrete, controllable signal. So in addition to an enhanced monitor mix, you hear your band mates and audience in a soundstage of your choosing.

The Pros Use It, Why Not You?

Easily customize your Home Entertainment experience to suit your audio taste, without losing touch with those around you. Your favorite Movies, Television Shows, Sporting Events or Concert Films can now be experienced and enjoyed exactly as you want to hear them.

Keep your ears out of the red

Discerning artists are proactive about hearing health. 3DME technology was developed and patented by Dr. Michael Santucci of Sensaphonics, the audiologist of choice for some of the world's top artists and performers.

30 day risk-free trial

1 year warranty

  • 6-Months Interest Free Payment Plan

Hear Everything

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