Discover the ASI Audio App

You're In Control.

The ASI Audio smartphone app gives you full control of your In Ear Audio experience. With Mic level, EQ Settings and Sound Limiting control and much more. Three-Dimensional Music Enhancement (3DME) brings back realistic, truly directional stage sound and ambience to the performer's experience with Bandmates, their audience and the room acoustics.

Mic Level Control At Your Fingertips

The Mic Level control enables individual or joined settings of the audio signal to the ear buds. Choose joined for master control of both ear buds or seprate to set each ear's volume level independently.

Mixed, Blended or Ambient, your choice

The 3DME IEM system pairs easily with your wirelss system. The included jumper cable connects our bodypack to yours. Once connected you can use the system as a traditonal IEM audio feed from your mix source (Onstage, Front of House or Monitor person), or blend your audio feed with the built in Ambient Mic's to hear your bandmates,audience and the room. Or, go 100% ambient, without your wireless set up to give you complete control of your in ear mix with the ASI AUdio app. complete control

Audio Limiting Anywhere You Need It

The Limiter function, on the right side of the App home screen is an important key to your hearing health and performance. The 3DME limiter is designed for music with adaptive attack, average responding, frequency selective operation. With its range from 104 dB down to 76 dB The 3DME limiter is designed to protect your hearing and adapt to the audio experience within safe levels.

Powerful EQ Where You Need It

The 3DME Equalizer gives you full control of the active ambient microphones embedded in our IEM's. Seven bands of Eq are available in joined mode for simultaneous control of both left and right in ear audio, or in separate mode for individual setting to each ear.

Options To Enhance Your Performance

3DME Bodypack Buttons

This option allows you to program the (+/-) buttons on the bodypack top panel for either Step Mode or Set Mode.

In Step Mode (default), the + and – buttons on the bodypack change the Mic Level one step at a time (+12 dB to -24 dB, plus Off).

In Set Mode,the buttons toggle between two Mic Levels that you set. For example, one setting can be used while performing and the other for conversation between songs.

Instructions on How to Set-up Set Mode:

Step 1: Select Set Mode

Step 2: Go to the Main Page and select a high mic level setting.

Step 3: Return to the Options page and PRESS “Set + Button”.

Step 4: Go to the Main Page and select a low mic level setting.

Step 5: Return back to the Options page and PRESS “Set - Button”.

What Is CROS?

Uniquely, the 3DME app offers Contralateral Routing of Signals. Most users will never need this feature, designed specifically for musicians with unilateral hearing loss. In CROS mode, the bodypack routes the ambient and monitor audio from the non-hearing ear to the earpiece on the hearing side. This literally brings the missing half of the stage back into hearing for those with severe hearing loss on one side. CROS functionality is activated via the app by simply tapping either left-to-right or right-to-left routing as appropriate.

Monitor Processing Bypass

This feature allows the monitor signal to bypass any Limiting or EQ settings, if only outboard (Front of House or Monitor Mix) control of the audio signal is desired.

Start-up Squeal Suppressor

The 3DME Start-up Squeal Suppressor limits the level of any possible feedback to the limiter’s lowest threshold setting (76 dB-SPL) when the bodypack is first switched on. Pressing either the + or - switch on the top of the bodypack releases the Start-up Squeal Suppressor and restores your stored limiter threshold settings.

Earpiece Type

The 3DME is supplied with standard high- performance dual driver earpieces. Custom Pro earpieces are available by special order, and may be ordered in dual or quad driver versions. If you are using the bodypack with Custom Pro quad driver earpieces, switch to the Quad position. Otherwise, leave the switch in the Dual position. Be sure to use the correct switch position for your earpieces. An incorrect setting results in system gain mis- calibration and possible dynamic range compromise.

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