I’m not hearing any sound from the 3DME IEM.

With no outside sound source plugged in, you may be hearing room ambience from the embedded Active Ambient microphones without realizing it.

Use the + and - buttons on top of the bodypack to check by changing the Mic Level (room ambience).

If there is still no ambience, check to make sure your bodypack is switched on. The Power switch is located on the bottom panel of the bodypack mixer.

Is the 3DME charged? The four blue LEDs on the top of the pack will indicate the level of battery charge – if all are dark please recharge.

Are the ambient sliders turned to the OFF position?

Are the EQ sliders turned down?

Verify all cables are inserted properly? Consult your owner’s manual for the proper connection set up.

I can’t hear my external sound source in the mix.

Make sure the sound source (mixing desk, MP3 player, etc.) is connected to the 3DME bodypack. The Monitor In jack is located on the left-hand side panel.

Make sure the sound source is powered up.

Control the sound source volume AT THE SOURCE . (The volume switches (+/-) on the 3DME only control the level of ambience being added to the overall mix and do not control the Monitor In signal level.) 

The sound has become muted or softer from the IEMs.

This could be a symptom of dirty ear tip or blocked sound ports (earpiece nozzles).

Remove the ear tips and examine the tip for ear wax build up, or other debris. Ear tips will break down with use. We recommend replacing every two to three weeks if used frequently.

My 3DME Bodypack is not sending an audio signal to the earpieces.

Check to make sure the power switch (found on bottom panel) is On. Make sure the battery is charged by checking the 4-bar LEDs on top of the pack.

Use the (+ and -) toggle switches located at the top of the body pack to make sure you have the room mic (ambience) volume up.

Your external sound source device must be connected to the mini-plug input on the left-side panel of the bodypack. Use the volume control on that device to control its level.

Be sure you have the two-prong cable connected to the body pack securely, and your earpieces properly inserted.

Make sure the 3DME Body Pack is charged.

Are the apps’ ambient sliders turned to the OFF position? If so, adjust them up or use the “up” button on the body pack until your sound is audible.

Are the EQ sliders turned down?

Verify all cables are inserted properly. Consult your owner’s manual for the proper connection set up.

The sound is thin and tinny.

This is a symptom of a poorly sealed ear tip. Any airflow to the ear canal creates a path for bass frequencies to escape without reaching the ears.

Use the Audio Seal Test to confirm that you have a proper seal and fit. If you are unable to achieve a proper sound seal with the ear tips, alternative styles of ear tips are available from ASI Audio that may fit you better, or you can have custom ear tips made for your 3DME. Click here for more details.  

The 3DME earpiece won’t stay in my ear.

Use a twisting motion as you push the ear tip into your ear canal. Try different sizes until you find the one that produces a full seal.

Consult the Owner Manual for the proper way to insert the IEM into your ear canal.

The 3DME cable is designed to go behind, up and over your ears.

Use the supplied shirt clip to attach the cable to your clothing.

The cable slider is used to snug the cable to help secure the earphones.

Be sure the connecting cable is not pulling on the 3DME earpiece while connected to your bodypack.

Fitting my ear tip onto the earpiece nozzle is difficult.

Try squeezing the ear tip shaft to open the insertion hole as you push it onto the nozzle.

Try using an angle as you put it on the tip. It should be very snug to ensure a proper fit.

Once you get it started, be sure to insert the ear tip shaft all the way.

My IEMs sound is muted when I turn the 3DME bodypack on.

Your Body Pack engages a safety limiter when turned on.

This is to protect your ears from a loud setting from the last use.

Tapping the + or - button on the top of the Body Pack will disengage the safety limiter.

Your last limiter setting will then be available.