Practice The Way You Perform


Composing, Recording or Streaming music from home these days is a significant reality for Musicians.

The ASI Audio, 3DME In Ear Monitor is the one professional audio tool that delivers these capabilities and more.

With a Zoom, Hangouts or Skype connection, your sound will be crystal clear and dynamic.


An App To Shape Your Audio Anywhere

The ASI Audio App allows you to customize what you hear in any room or musical style, acoustic or amplified, and control the mix exactly as you want. Think of the 3DME as your go to audio tool to enhance your at home music creativity and protect your hearing.



An IEM For The Intimacy and Immediacy of
Live or Streaming Performance



The ASI Audio 3DME features the highest quality microphones, built into the earpieces, giving you control of your ambient concert, club or festival sound. Build the sound you want to hear whether in a live setting or your home studio.