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Audio Seal Test

The Audio Seal test on this page can help determine whether your earphones are correctly inserted. The test consists of two brief audio tracks. Both include two sine waves, one at 50 Hz and the other at 500 Hz, played at the same volume. On one track, the two tones are played together. On the other track, the tones alternate in 2-second intervals.

This test has been optimized for use with Sensaphonics Earphones only. We do not guarantee accurate results if used to test products of any other manufacturer.


  • Fully insert your earphones and plug them into the 3DME bodypack.
  • Unplug the USB programming cable from the computer/table/phone, if connected, to avoid digital noises.
  • Connect the audio jumper cable between the 3DME bodypack "Monitor In" jack and the computer/tablet/phone earphone output jack.
  • Select MP3 Media tracks as appropriate.
  • In a quiet room, play the tracks through your IEMs (earphones).
  • Listen at a strong normal-to-loud volume and note the relative levels of the two tones (500 Hz and 50 Hz).
  • Consult the chart below.

NOTE: The 50 Hz tone cannot be reproduced by most computer speakers. However, it should be clearly audible when played through your earphones.


What You Hear Probable Meaning What To Do

Both tones, clearly and at the same level.

Correct insertion, proper fit, and full earphone operation.

Rock on!

Both tones, but the higher pitched (500 Hz) tone is much louder than the 50 Hz tone.

  • Incomplete seal. This is the most common problem.
  • Poorly fitted earpiece (new product only).

Isolate problem to left or right earpiece, then re-insert the earphone fully for full isolation and repeat the test. If problem persists, see your audiologist to review the proper insertion procedure and check for proper fit.

500 Hz only; no 50 Hz bass tone at all.

  • Poor seal. This is also a common problem.

Both tones are reproduced by the low frequency driver, so the earphones are working. Isolate the problem to left or right ear. Review insertion procedure and fully reinsert earphones. See your audiologist if the problem persists.

Other results

Problem not related to fit or seal of earphones.

Contact your audiologist or Sensaphonics.

Because bass response is severely compromised by a poor seal, this test is a great tool to help you learn what a full seal feels like and how it sounds. In our experience, most user complaints are a result of earphones that are not fully inserted. A full seal is also important in gaining the benefits of isolation from ambient noise.

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