Elevate Your Playing With A New Way To Hear

Meet 3DME. The definitive all-in-one personal audio monitoring system. Built-in mics with a free app for personal EQ, mic levels, limiter and more allow you to blend the on-stage sound of your amp, the audience and ambient surroundings with your mix. Enjoy a more natural in-ear experience that will help you perform better and really enjoy playing live!


Hear Incredible.

Precisely customize your mix

Control your mix with a simple and included app.

You can fine-tune every detail to your preference, even control how much of that natural stage you want to hear.

Adam Jacobs reviews 3DME In-Ear Monitor System

Great White Lead Vocalist Mitch Malloy & Dr. Michael Santucci discuss 3DME In-Ear Monitors

Custom tune your 3DME IEMs with the ASI Audio app

Fluff over at Riffs, Beards & Gear checks out the 3DME Active Ambient In-Ear System

Hear your music, your band mates and audience mixed your way

with the Complete 3DME In-Ear Monitor System

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Now With Bluetooth Connectivity
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Hear Outside Your Head

"These In Ears sound better than anything I've heard. Honestly!"

Mitch Malloy

Lead Singer - Great White

"As a DJ and drummer, this really hits home on multiple fronts! I use the 3DME every week on my live stream events, and at large venues "


"This product will prolong your career, your health, and your happiness."

Paul Raci

Musician and Oscar Nominated Actor - Sound Of Metal