NEW Monitor Processing Bypass Option

The Monitor input signal now bypasses both the EQ and the limiter when enabled. A-list Front of House Engineers asked, and we listened. Now you can control the in-ear monitor audio exclusive of the 3DME App control.

NEW Options to Switch Between Dual and Quad In-Ear Monitor Earpiece Types

Now users can switch from Dual (3DME Gen 2 Universal and 3DME Custom Tour) to Quad (3DME Custom Tour)

NEW and Improved CROS Function

CROS connection will remove sound entirely from the disfavored ear, instead of just taking the microphone signal across and leaving the disfavored ear with its regular signal; important for those with a problem like Meniere’s Disease, where sound is distorted and uncomfortable in one ear, not just weak.

NEW Start-Up Squeal Suppressor Protects from Feedback

On/Off switch on options page and default set to Off. This is to give the option for anyone who experiences minor feedback if they have the body pack turned on before inserting the earpieces into their ears. Very rarely, a quiet, unharmful feedback squeal can be heard if the end user has their finger covering the ambient microphone when inserting the earpiece.

NEW Limiter Threshold Expansion, Now Starts at 76 dB-SPL - 104 dB-SPL

A-list Monitor Engineers and FOH engineers asked for an expanded Limiter Threshold – once again, we listened. Now the Lowest Limiter Threshold setting starts at 76 dB-SPL, which may be useful for some people with especially sensitive hearing or for related uses. 

NEW Improved Rechargeable Battery Life

Now optimized for 8-hour performance use on one single charge