The performers, the wall, and the audiologist.

Since the mid-90's, many musicians and sound pros have chosen in-ear monitors over old-school wedges for cleaner sound and to prolong their hearing health (and careers). But it took an audiologist to recognize the wall performers often feel when using traditional IEMs.

"I often noticed musicians yanking out one of their in-ear monitors to hear and feel the sound of the room. As a musician, I get it. As an audiologist, I was concerned.

So I developed 3DME. Its miniature binaural microphones allow room ambience to be processed as a discrete signal in the earphones and controlled by a simple smartphone or tablet app.

Developed to dissolve the wall.

To create the 3DME in-ear monitor, Michael and his team at Sensaphonics joined forces.

Performance engineered for all audio environments

in partnership with Think-A-Move, one of America's most trusted headset technology companies.

Sensaphonics clients include professionals in every musical genre, plus artists in theatre, houses of worship, NASA, motorsports, and broadcast.

Arcade Fire

Mary J. Blige

Dennis Chambers

Chance The Rapper

Chicago Symphony Orchestra


Bela Fleck

Cyndi Lauper

Dave Matthews

My Morning Jacket

Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra


Bonnie Raitt

Kelly Rowland

Reggie Watts

Kanye West

Blue Man Group

Book of Mormon

Cirque du Soleil

& Many More!