Custom Ear Tips for 3DME

Since a great seal is essential to getting the best sound from your 3DME, three pairs universal ear tips come in the box, and we strongly recommend using the seal test included in the app.

If you want to get custom molded ear tips, you will need to schedule an appointment with a licensed hearing health professional. Custom ear tips require ear impressions using Sensaphonics approved techniques. To ensure your custom ear tips is a great fit, download and print the Ear Impression Instructions(PDF) and bring it for your hearing professional before your visit.

  • In the U.S.,we recommend scheduling an appointment with a Sensaphonics Audiologist listed here. Sensaphonics Gold Circle Audiologists have been personally trained by Sensaphonics president Dr. Michael Santucci in meeting the needs of music industry clients and have extensive personal experience working with musicians and sound engineers. If you require additional assistance or need an audiologist referral, contact Sensaphonics.
  • For international customers, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a licensed hearing health professional near you. If you or your hearing professional have any questions or would like your custom ear molds made in the U.S., contact Sensaphonics for additional assistance.