ASI Audio's 3DME Chosen As Top IEM of the Year!

ASI Audio's 3DME Chosen As Top IEM of the Year!

Jan 19, 2021

ASI Audio x Sensaphonics 3DME In Ear Monitors

The ASI Audio 3DME is a universal-fit IEM system that combines patented Active Ambient audio technology from Sensaphonics with a smartphone app to customize and enhance on-stage or streaming performances. The system includes 3DME Active Ambient universal-fit, dual-driver earphones with embedded binaural microphones that capture ambient sound with 3D directionality. Three sizes of ear tips are included for isolating the listener's ears from high SPLs while allowing ambient sound to be fed into the earpieces via the embedded mics. The microphones feature a full-range frequency response (20 Hz to 20 kHz) and wide dynamic range for natural ambient reproduction with accurate directionality. The mics are controlled using the (free) ASI Audio App running on the Android platform (v7.0 and up). The app allows a user to create custom settings for each ear with 7-band EQ, limiter and room ambience levels. The rechargeable 3DME Bodypack Mixer/Amplifier integrates with any wireless personal monitor system, combining the monitor mix feed with the ambient mics to add 3D stage sound to the monitor mix. When used without a monitor mix feed, 3DME functions as a high-fidelity earplug system with a customized sound signature and active level control. Custom-fit, soft-silicone ear tips are also available from Sensaphonics.