The second-generation ASI Audio 3DME Gen2 Active Ambient Monitoring System features ASI Audio App and belt pack enhancements to expand the system feature set based on user requests and customer needs, along with extended battery life

ASI Audio to Demonstrate at NAMM How the 3DME Gen 2 IEM System Enhances Stage Experience and Performances

Mar 01, 2023

The NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA, April 13, 2023 — ASI Audio x Sensaphonics (booth 12111) will be demoing the award winning 3DME Gen2 Active Ambient Monitoring System during The NAMM Show 2023. The 3DME IEM system gives users a high-fidelity in-ear monitor mix while applying Active Ambient™ technology to deliver an optimized stage experience that bests traditional stage monitor wedges and isolating IEMs by letting performers blend in a natural room sound. Tiny microphones built into the earpieces capture the natural stage sound – bandmates, instruments and audience – and the intuitive ASI Audio App provides personalized mixing control and exclusive features that accommodate those with especially sensitive hearing and those who can hear very little in one ear.

"Our mission at ASI Audio,” says ASI Audio x Sensaphonics Chairman and 3DME’s inventor, Dr. Michael Santucci Au.D, “is to give our customers the ultimate stage monitoring experience as well as help protect their hearing. Our 3DME system is meeting these goals and delighting musicians. In fact, the system is so good that others are mimicking the use of stage capture microphones, though they are unable to match our performance and their systems add unacceptable latencies in the milliseconds.”

The ASI Audio 3DME Gen2 Active Ambient Monitoring System includes features tailored for touring professionals

"The Gen 2 version of our 3DME is a result of the Pro Audio Community telling us exactly what we needed to add to our In-Ear Monitors for this version,” Santucci continues. “We're delighted to hear our growing family of customers, now including artists as diverse as the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, The Wallflowers, Hard Groove and Pete Thorn, tell us how they are having the best stage experience of their careers with the 3DME Active Ambient Monitor System.

The ASI Audio x Sensaphonics 3DME Gen2 IEM System, consisting of Active Ambient earphones with embedded binaural MEMS ambient microphones, a bodypack mixer/controller/DSP processor/headphone amplifier and the Bluetooth-enabled ASI Audio App for control. is available immediately at an MSRP of $799.00 USD for the standard system, $2000.00 for the Custom Pro version and $2500.00 for the Custom Tour Quad version (both custom versions are available direct from Sensaphonics)

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Founded in 2019 by the team of hearing health advocate Dr. Michael Santucci Au.D. of Sensaphonics and Think-A-Move, Ltd. (developers of innovative speech recognition products for high-volume environments), ASI Audio x Sensaphonics has combined patented technologies and market insights to create 3DME Music Enhancement, a fundamentally different approach to in-ear monitoring and hearing protection. 3DME combines Active Ambient technology and personalized sound quality via the intuitive ASI Audio app, creating a system equally useful for amplified and acoustic monitoring for musicians and concertgoers alike. Web: