Scott Shapiro, ASI Audio President

ASI Audio Names Scott Shapiro President

May 27, 2022

Shapiro assumes new leadership role, while a new round of funding enables ASI Audio’s ongoing growth and expansion

Beachwood, OH, May 26, 2022 — ASI Audio, manufacturer of the innovative 3DME in-ear monitoring and hearing protection system, has appointed Scott Shapiro to the position of President, effective immediately. “As ASI Audio grows and matures, we saw that additional dedicated leadership was needed to nurture the company to its full potential,” said ASI Audio x Sensaphonics Chairman Dr. Michael Santucci Au.D. when making the announcement. “We are delighted that Scott has agreed to join the ASI Audio team. Given his background, experience and his knowledge of our product on many levels, there’s no one more perfectly suited to continue the evolution of ASI Audio.”

 In parallel to Shapiro’s appointment, ASI has secured a new round of funding that will help enable the company’s ongoing rollout of its second-generation 3DME Gen2 Active Ambient Monitoring System and help fuel new product development, inventory fulfillment and international expansion.

In his new position, Shapiro will oversee and manage all facets of ASI’s business and work closely with the company’s executive and marketing teams to ensure ASI’s long-term growth. Shapiro comes from Think-a-Move, Ltd, ASI’s co-founding company and a leading developer of advanced hands-free control and communications technologies and Automatic Speech Recognition solutions. With over 20 years of cross-functional experience in strategic management, product & business development, and marketing for technology-based industries including speech, wireless telecom, and pro audio, Scott Shapiro also has a lifelong passion for music and has worked as an international performance DJ and producer. With an intimate knowledge of the market and its unique needs, Shapiro has also consulted for several companies in the industry, including Pioneer DJ, Melodics, AKAI Professional and more.

“One of the key reasons I joined the team here at ASI was due to the great potential I see as end users embrace our 3DME system, which brings an in-ear monitoring solution that takes hearing protection and usability to the next level on stage,” stated Shapiro. “By using our patented Active Ambient™ technology, we are able to offer musicians the ability to hear more on stage without increasing the potential hazards to their ears. So, we’re protecting a player’s hearing while allowing in the usable audio that they need to perform better. I look forward to expanding our product solutions and meeting the new challenges and demands from our music community.”

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