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ASI Audio introduces iOS-compatible version of 3DME Music Enhancement IEM system, now with Bluetooth control

(Beachwood, OH – January 18, 2021) -- ASI Audio x Sensaphonics has announced the imminent release of the upgraded version of its flagship 3DME Music Enhancement system. The new version will incorporate Bluetooth connectivity for the included ASI Audio App, enabling set-up and control via any current iOS or Android device. The core 3DME system remains unchanged, using patented Active Ambient™ technology to give the user natural room sound from their monitor mix, their bandmates, and the audience.


In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Innovator To Extend
Patented Active Ambient Audio Technology To The Masses

(Beachwood, OH – September 8, 2020) As part of its growth strategy for the innovative new In Ear Monitor solution-the 3DME, ASI Audio has formed a partnership with Pro Audio/MI/Consumer Technology industry veteran Gregg Stein and his new company, Triple G Ventures, an agile growth consultancy obsessed with delivering pragmatic business growth acceleration.


By Wesley Bryant-King

  ASI Audio 3DME
  I’ve had the opportunity over the years to review in-ear monitors, or IEMs, more than once — and I’m definitely a fan. Having learned to DJ first for radio mixshows, using big can-style headphones was never part of my style, even after I started doing club work, nor today when I handle primarily mobile gigs. I prefer the passive noise reduction and audio quality of properly fitted (or custom-molded) IEMs.


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