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I’m a long-time fan of in-ear monitors, or IEMs. I like the way they sound, and I like the passive noise reduction and the potential hearing-safety benefits. But some of the challenges of using them in a mobile DJ environment can include handling requests from guests, taking direction from a wedding planner, and other situations where you need to speak with someone during your set. Or for the club jock, hear the response from your crowd — IEMs don’t just sweep away like a pair of conventional, over-the-ear, can-style headphones. Until now.


Checking out a new and unique in-ear monitor system.
by Michael Lawrence
Live Sound International 

The ASI Audio 3DME is a new in-ear monitor system that uses microphones embedded in the earpieces to bring ambient sound into the mix as a discrete signal. By adjusting the beltpack controls, the wearer can mix the ambient signal into their existing IEM mix from the console. This is a significant departure from the common solution of using ambient microphones placed onstage and added to the mix into the IEMs via the monitor console.