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As featured in Live Sound, November 2021

Currently the lead singer for the band Great White, musician and audio engineer Mitch Malloy started singing at age six, formed his !rst rock band at twelve and has been performing professionally ever since. He signed to RCA as a solo artist in 1990, played !e Tonight Show with Jay Leno and had three top-20 singles across two albums.


Beachwood, OH, October 6, 2021 — Although he’s currently the lead singer for iconic rock band Great White and has been an acclaimed solo artist, songwriter and producer since the early 90s, rock vocalist Mitch Malloy has a close association with another legendary act: Van Halen. Malloy rehearsed with the band in the mid-90s after Sammy Hagar’s tenure as lead singer and was offered the job as the band’s new frontman, but Mitch ultimately turned down the gig. But Mitch and the band stayed friendly, and he looks back fondly on his time with the group.


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