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Beachwood, OH, August 24, 2021 — Ron Young, founder and frontman of hard rock band Little Caesar, has been traveling with his own wireless in-ear system since the components first became commercially available, decades ago. With the release of the ASI Audio x Sensaphonics 3DME Music Enhancement IEM system, Young has significantly reduced the amount of gear he now has to carry to shows while also improving the quality and consistency of his in-ear mix and protecting his hearing.


Beachwood, OH, August 11, 2021 — ASI Audio x Sensaphonics is now shipping the upgraded version of its flagship 3DME Music Enhancement system. This version incorporates Bluetooth® connectivity for the ASI Audio App, which now offers wireless setup and control via any current iOS or Android device. The core 3DME system remains unchanged, using patented Active Ambient™ technology to deliver users their monitor mix blended with natural room sound from their bandmates and the audience.


Checking out recently released in-ear monitors with built-in ambience mics
by Craig Anderton

    The two scariest words for a musician: Hearing loss.
    Before designer earplugs became commonplace, when I was touring and doing the six-nights-a-week-for-six weeks thing, I stuck cotton in my ears. Since then, I’ve always prioritized protecting my ears, and I think that’s why I can still hear over 10 kHz at an age when many people can’t hear half that.


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