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One of the most exciting things about being in the musical instrument industry is getting to play a part in monumental cultural changes by partnering with the musicians, songwriters, and developers who pioneer them. While the workflow of
playing a guitar or a keyboard, or operating a mixing console has stayed more or less the same over the hundred years since music went electric, the things
we can do with those creative tools continues to expand as the technology behind them evolves and companies and inventors afford us more avenues for creative expression.


Beachwood, OH, December 8, 2021 — As the original drummer and a co-founder of Chicago, Danny Seraphine is also a GRAMMY® Award winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. With Chicago, Seraphine was the backbone of the band, keeping everyone in time and on balance; he set the pace and carried it through to the end, no matter what.


As featured in Technologies for Worship Magazine, November 2021

Tim Stafford, pastor of music ministries at The Moody Church in Chicago, grew up performing in bands as a gitarist and singer, often church-related. He moved to Chicago to study music at the Moddy Bible Institute, where he is now an adjunct professor. The Church (where Stafford has now worked full-time for 20 years) and the Institute are separate entities with close affiliations, both founded by Chicago-based evangelist and publisher DL Moody - a leading figure in the late 19th century who was pivotal in shaping the evangelical movement.


As featured in Live Sound, November 2021

Currently the lead singer for the band Great White, musician and audio engineer Mitch Malloy started singing at age six, formed his !rst rock band at twelve and has been performing professionally ever since. He signed to RCA as a solo artist in 1990, played !e Tonight Show with Jay Leno and had three top-20 singles across two albums.


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